Applied Microeconomics, Workshop 2015-2016

Meetings take place on  Monday,14:15-15:30 ,Berglas Building, room  101

Workshop Organizers: Analia Schlosser

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Federico Ciliberto, University of Virginia 

• Market Structure and Competition in Airline Markets

joint with Elie Tamer (Harvard) and Charles Murray (Penn State).




Avi Ebenstein,Hebrew University

• The Long Run Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations: Evidence from Transitory Variation in Pollution

joint with Victor Lavy (Hebrew University)

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Alma Cohen,Tel Aviv University

• Affirmative Action and Stereotype Threat

joint with Anat Bracha (Boston Fed)




Jonathan Dingel ,University of Chicago

• Spatial and Social Frictions in the City: Evidence from Yelp

joint with Don Davis (Columbia), Joan Monras (SciencesPo), and Eduardo Morales (Princeton University)

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Yannay Spitzer,Hebrew University 

•​ Migrant Self-Selection: Anthropometric Evidence from the Mass Migration of Italians to the United States,1907–1925

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Ram Fishman,Tel Aviv University  

• Do Agricultural Modernization Programs in Developing Countries have Sustainable Impacts? Evidence from a Randomized Phase-out of the BRAC Program in Uganda.

joint with  Stephen C. Smith, Vida Bobic and Sulaiman Munshi

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Robert Townsend,MIT

• Spatial Expansion of Financial Service Providers and Optimal Contract Design (joint work with Victor Zhorin)

 Joint with the Departmental Seminar >>




Tom Vogl, Princeton University

• "Growth and Childbearing” (with Shoumitro Chatterjee)




Avihai Lifschitz, Tel Aviv University

• Political Lobbying in a Recurring Environment 

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Joshua Sherman , University of Vienna

 • "Bargaining at Retail Stores: Evidence from Vienna"




Ofer Malamud, University of Chicago

• Interactions between Family and School Environments: Evidence on Dynamic Complementarities?

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Oren Danieli, Harvard University

• Productivity and Selection of Human Capital with Machine Learning

(joint with Aaron Chalfin, Andrew Hillis, Zubin Jelveh, Michael Luca, Jens Ludwig, And Sendhil Mullainathan)



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